I applaud your interest in bettering your health and expanding your life-skills through the ancient arts of Tai Chi Chuan and/or Chi Gong (Qi Gong) and I look forward to assisting you on that journey. These are arts that I have practiced intensively for over 45 years (since my childhood).....and have taught as a full-time profession for over 40 years....and as such, they are an integral part of my life and my way of viewing the world.



    "Thanks for the introduction to Tai Chi (and for answering my questions).... you made it meaningful and fun for me" ...... Jim Bower (beginner)



    In 2001, I retired from teaching "public classes" in Southern California (after about 25 years of doing so). While still maintaining my international workshop schedule and my "Tai Chi In Paradise Retreats".... I decided to focus my "group format" teaching exclusively on training Teachers and upper-level Advanced practitioners (with a minimum of 12 years experience).....AND... offering "Private Instruction" to people of all levels of experience, from total beginners to very advanced and I try to make space in my schedule for 2-3 new Private students each year.



    "I've taken several of Chris's workshops and retreats. Chris is the most detailed teacher I have ever met; he makes sure you understand the subtle energetics of every move. He is a warm and caring professional who has raised the standards of Tai Chi Chuan very high"

    ...Master Eric Eastman .... Director Kootenay Tai Chi Centre, Canada (50 year practitioner)



    "Private instruction" is arguably the most effective way to learn, in that the instruction is designed specifically to address "your" individual needs and areas of interest. Additionally, the pace of the instruction is set by you as opposed to being determined by "balancing the needs of a large group" of people in a class (which may not be the appropriate speed or content for you). Personally, I have found teaching one-on-one to be far more rewarding as it allows me the opportunity to offer instruction at a deeper, subtler, more inspiring and more creative level to the people I'm working with.





    ~ Balance Improvement


    ~ Stress Reduction & Moving Meditation


    ~ Improved Relationship Skills


    ~ Back Health & pain reduction


    ~ Fall Prevention for seniors


    ~ Improvement of Overall Health & Well Being


    ~ Improvement of self-defense capabilities





    ..... Mary Lee (beginner)






    CHI GONG (Qi Gong)


    ~ "Psycho-Energetic Chi Gong" (Chi Gong exercises designed to counteract common emotional & psychological stresses)


    ~ Emerald Dragon Qi Gong (Chi Gong)


    ~ Qi Gong for developing Roots, Power etc.


    ~ Tai Chi Chi Gong





    ~ Tai Chi Chuan....(Small Frame, Chi Infused, Yang Family Form)


    ~ Tai Chi Chuan....(Cheng Man Ching Short Form...Yang Family)


    ~ Tai Chi Chuan....(Yang Family Long Form)


    ~ "Anatomical Structure" as it relates to Tai Chi, Qi Gong & Push Hands (Tui Shou)


    ~ Martial Applications of Tai Chi Movements


    ~ Breathing Patterns in the Tai Chi Form


    ~ Chi (internal energy) movement within Tai Chi & Qi Gong Forms


    ~ Energy Qualities of the Tai Chi Movements


    ~ Internal "Root" development techniques


    ** Partnered Tai Chi...aka Tui Shou/Push Hands (fixed & moving step)


    ~ Sword Form


    ~ Sword Sparring





    ~ Taoist Philosophy


    ~ Tai Chi-life applications


    ~ Teacher Training & Certification




    "With his hard work and creative thinking, Chris has developed Tai Chi in new and interesting directions. I would sincerely recommend his seminars to anyone seeking a supportive environment for gaining greater knowledge in this field" ....... Grand Master Abraham Liu (chen huan)..... 1915-2017 (China/USA)




    In these Private Lessons, I work with people that range in experience from complete beginners to Tai Chi/Chi Gong teachers with 40+ years of practice. A number of my private students meet with me 2 times a week (the fastest, deepest & most efficient learning approach)....and the others, one time a week (any less than 1 time a week is usually not enough to offer effective instruction for most people). Lessons are an hour long and will focus on the precise areas of Tai Chi, Qi Gong, physical health, Tai Chi philosophy or related material that "you" want to learn & expand in. At the first lesson I will go over the various aspects of these arts that we can investigate and get feedback from you on how you'd like to approach the journey....and then we will get you going along that path & dive right into it on that first lesson!


    LOCATION & TIMES: Lessons are conducted in San Diego (M-F 11am to 6/7pm) & Solana Beach (Tuesday afternoons only). I do also conduct the lessons at a student's home if needed though there is a charge for my driving time (contact us for details)



    RATES: Contact us for details



    As mentioned above, I try to make space in my schedule for 2-3 new Private students each year... therefore If you would like to inquire about, and/or apply for one of the Private Instruction openings (all ability levels)....or the Master Class (advanced practitioners with 12 yrs. minimum prior experience only).... send an email to: chigongtaichiinparadise@gmail.com




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