"There are no masters, there are only disciples..... A master is not one who teaches you...... A master is one in whose presence it is possible to learn." ~ Osho



    An internationally recognized Tai Chi Master who Began his martial training in his youth in 1969.... and Chi Gong , Taoist studies & Tai Chi Chuan in 1974 (with Grandmaster Liu Chen Huan).


    He is a member of the U.S.A. Martial Arts Hall of Fame... a 2 time U.S. National Tai Chi Champion with titles won in both "Forms" & "Tui Shou/Push Hands" grappling (won during the "Golden Age" ** of Tai Chi competition in the U.S.)... and with 30 years judging experience, is Head Judge & Referee for Tai Chi/Chinese Internal Martial Arts Competitions in the U.S.

    Over the past 40+ years teaching throughout North & Central America, Europe, Australia & Asia.... Chris has conducted hundreds of workshops and has produced over 75 immersive Retreats in exotic locations! He has trained thousands of students as well as dozens of accomplished teachers. He began formally training teachers in 1982 and by the mid 90's had been given the nickname "The Teacher's Teacher"!






    + 1979.... Founded the "Pacific School of Tai Chi & Chi Gong" tm


    + 1982.... Initiated formal "Teachers Training Programs" in San Diego.


    + 1986.... Created "Chi Gong & Tai Chi In Paradise Retreats" tm. (Conducting "Immersive Retreats" in Costa Rica.... Hawaii.... Bali..... Fiji.... Thailand.... and other exotic locations).


    + 1987.... Created the original "Push Hands Retreat" tm. (bringing together teachers & students from around the world to train and advance their Tui Shou skills together during its 25 editions!)


    + 2000-2002.... Produced the "ART OF TEACHING....The West Coast Conference for Tai Chi & Chi Gong Teachers" tm. With a faculty containing well known Grandmasters, Masters and Sifus.


    + 2004.... Given "Master" title by Grandmaster Lui Chen Huan.


    + 2007.... HALL OF FAME Induction... "USA Martial Arts".


    + 2019.... HALL OF FAME Induction... "International Chinese Martial Arts Championships" worldwide circuit (ICMAC).







    Synthesizing what he has learned over the last 45+ years while studying with numerous Masters & Grandmasters..... Chris teaches his Tai Chi & Chi Gong from a "Principle"... & "Internal Energy" based standpoint, which allows his teachings to be applied effectively to any "style" or "level" of practitioner....with profound results.


    Additionally, from his own life experiences, he has a strong belief in the power of Tai Chi & Chi Gong to improve our daily lives and personal relationships..... and therefore has always given extra focus to developing special exercises and techniques that allow us to understand how to use these arts to positively affect our daily lives.


    One such creation is "Psycho-Energetic Chi Gong" tm... A system of Chi Gong exercises that each act as a specific "antidote or balancing tonic" to various common life/psychological challenges.


    Finally, being a strong believer in the theory that people learn more effectively when they are "happy, inspired & enjoying themselves"..... Chris teaches with a style that is "Technically Rich"... yet also... quite "Light-Hearted & Enjoyable"!










    1st NATIONAL GOLD MEDAL (Instructors Division)

    1990 American Tai Chi Championships,

    San Francisco

    ** The "Golden Age" of Tai Chi competitions occurred during the first few years of National Competition in the U.S... The period from approximately 1987-1993 where, at "National" level competitions, the ranks of "competitors" were filled with an unusually large number of "Masters" and "accomplished Sifus". This unusual situation was due to 2 main factors.... (1) The "newness" of Tai Chi Competitions in the U.S. and thus a desire on the part of these Masters & Sifus to "see what it was all about".... (2) Competitors were all being funneled into the "National" competitions due to a lack of "regional" events throughout the country at the time.


    This situation tapered off after the early 90's as most of these high-level practitioners had satisfied their curiosity.... and had since been drafted into the ranks of judges, referees, and advisors for the competitions. Additionally, a profusion of "Regional" competitions had begun to develop throughout the country dispersing the talent pool to a degree.